Podcast with Toluwa Awodiya

Podcast with Toluwa Awodiya

In the second episode of the ResearchOps Podcast series highlighting the speakers for ReOpsConf22, Toluwa Awodiya talks about how she is benchmarking the researchops practice at her organization.

Toluwa starts off with how she got involved with researchops and the research enablement program at her workplace, and also her work on democratising how they democratise research. She also mentions some of her key takeaways that she hopes people can walk away with from her talk. One of which is the benefits of applying metrics to research operations to measure impact.

“I've looked up articles and stuff on research ops, I think, very often it's very focused on specifically and like, how to improve equipment or how to improve research ops, to how to research repositories or how to build research repositories. And I haven't seen as much in terms of like, how do we like measure impact?”

Toluwa talks about how she used the 8 Pillars of ResearchOps while working on research enablement and how it helped her make a distinction between the research enablement program and the researchops function that also exists at work. She and Holly also chat a little bit about the silent work of ops and making its impact visible.

“And so I think that like, thinking about community ways to measure impact could go beyond just the quantifiable ways to measure impact. I’d also love to see ways we can think about impact that is soft, and how and how we sort of measure that or how we sort of think about that as well when we think about impact.”

Toluwa will share more about measuring the impact of researchops at your organization in her talk at ReOpsConf22 on 8 June.

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