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Minimum Viable Taxonomy Level 2: Principles and Best Practices for Organizing Research Knowledge

The MVT Level 2 process was led by Annette Boyer who authored the original toolkit on which this article is based. This article was written by Will Edmiston, Rogério Lourenço, Karolina Kowalczyk, Janene Batten, and Susan Montgomery on behalf of…
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Research Is Research: Rethinking Market Research’s Place in ResearchOps

By Nick Ianetta  |  Originally published on ResearchOps.Community Medium What is the difference between Research Operations and Market Research Operations? Why are they considered independent disciplines? Shouldn’t we instead be viewing both of them as one? Has anyone else wondered…
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Building a repository in SharePoint, Part 2: Development, maintenance & beyond

By Lisa van Ekeren Previously on… If you haven’t done it already, I strongly recommend reading part 1 of this article, which provides the necessary context and preparation of building a repository in SharePoint. Originally published on ResearchOps-Community Medium Kick-off the…

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