Podcast with Andy Garber-Browne

Podcast with Andy Garber-Browne

In this first episode of the ResearchOps Podcast series highlighting the speakers for ReOpsConf22, Andy Garber-Browne shares his experience of working with Dr Carolyn Morgan on updating one of the first resources in the ResearchOps Community, the ResearchOps Toolbox

The project has included interviews and concept testing to consider how to keep the toolbox data updated and relevant and as useful as the discussions in the Slack channel.

Andy talks about how he heard about the ReOps Toolbox and how becoming involved in the project has enlightened him in ‘what good looks like’ in the world of research operations and data governance.

And so that’s been our main means of collaboration with that multi cursor multiplayer experience has kind of been amazing to watch people who, like yourself, or Holly or Caro are really good at it, is actually collaboratively writing either like in person on the zoomies, or asynchronously to watch just kind of something that started out so raw, just suddenly become really well thought out and structured.

Andy chats to Brigette on how he considered the use of visualisation of the project data and how he used what he called a ‘scrapbook’ to analyse and compare ideas and mood boards of visualisations in one place.

It is a problem people have because when you communicate visually, you influence people so powerfully.

The project work has developed a minimal viable product of the toolbox based on the current use with the thinking that it will evolve into future versions as the community uses it, and that in turn, generates new insights into how the data is connected.

Andy and Caro’s presentation at ReOpsConf2022 on 8 June will share more about their work on the ResearchOps Toolbox project.

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