Rohan Irvine waxes poetic on the ResearchOps Podcast

Rohan Irvine waxes poetic on the ResearchOps Podcast

Culture Change through Research Operations

The gist of Rohan Irvine's feelings about ResearchOps come down to transparency - how he thinks about collaborative teamwork. When an organization makes its inner workings more visible to its team members, it creates an environment where communication is encouraged and meaningful. This can lead to an improved understanding of why certain decisions are being made and provide an opportunity for team members to voice their opinions and ideas. By seeing the inner workings, team members can develop a better understanding of the company’s processes, making it easier for them to articulate potential solutions to problems or suggest new ideas.

This transparency also fosters a culture of collaboration, which is key to overcoming challenges. When team members understand the responsibilities of each department, they can come together to find solutions to complex issues. This improved communication allows for a better understanding of what everyone is doing and why, leading to better outcomes.

Finally, seeing the inner workings of an organization allows team members to become more mindful of how their decisions and actions can impact the company as a whole. It promotes accountability and encourages people to take ownership of their roles, which can lead to better outcomes in the long run.

Making an organization’s inner workings visible to its team members helps create an environment of improved communication and collaboration, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes.


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