Research Tools

Researchers need lots of tools. Strategic management and procurement of tools helps research to scale effectively.

In the #WhatIsResearchOps workshops, the most commonly noted aspect of operations was that ResearchOps includes guides for things like recruitment, ethics, etc.

Lots of people wanted ReOps people to help them understand if their methods and methodologies met the right standard, both inside their own organisations and internationally.

ResearchOps includes templates for research briefings, for research artefacts. Each of these guides needs a platform or database and someone to maintain them.

All those guides and templates need a platform or database and someone to maintain them.

ResearchOps includes helping researchers source the right tools at the right time (and at scale, at the right price). It includes managing access and use of tools, including managing licences, training, onboarding and permissions.

It includes management of software and hardware for researchers in the field, in labs and in the office.

Asset management is about where you store raw or processed data, whether A/V or other forms of documentation. It’s not about making the data useful, just findable and secured. It is heavily tied in with data security. It is also about managing audio recorders and video equipment.

The community continues to expand and iterate on what Kate Towsey started as  wonderful list of Tools.

The outstanding work by the Toolbox team of Caro, Andy and Derek has delivered an impression new version of the Toolbox.