Research Tools

Researchers need lots of tools. Strategic management and procurement of tools helps research to scale effectively.

“The Research Ops Toolbox is a community-based project focused on creating and maintaining a resource for researchers and research operations specialists that will empower people to find out not only what tools are being used but also in which industry, by what size of teams, and where in the world.”

ResearchOps includes helping researchers source the right software and hardware tools at the right time (and at scale, at the right price). It includes managing access and use of tools, including managing licenses, training, onboarding, and permissions.

A man and a woman stand in front of a large screen displaying the words For people who do research, by people who do research on it

The outstanding work by the Toolbox team of Carolyn Morgan, Andy Garber-Browne, and Derek Nguyen has delivered an impressive new Toolbox they continue to iterate on.